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  1. Objective of Disclaimer. A disclaimer regulates the conditions, access and use of the Portal, as well as its content and services available for the users.

  2. Acceptance of the conditions of disclaimer. Having access and/or use of the Portal, be it all or part of the content and services incorporated therein, one is considered ‘user’ and is understood to be in total agreement with the Conditions of the Disclaimer published in the current version, from the moment the user accesses the stated information. It will be understood that by simply visiting the Portal that these Conditions are accepted. The user must be of legal age and capacity to assume and follow the Conditions of the Disclaimer that are listed in detail here.

  3. Contents and services provided through the Portal. UPcapital, S.L. reserves the right to modify, add, or cancel, in any moment and without notice, the providing and configuration of the portal, as well as the contents and services included therein.

  4. Responsibility for access and use of the contents and services of UPcapital, S.L., including access to the Portal, as well as the use that the user may apply of the above, is the sole responsibility of the user. For this reason, the user accepts all of the consequences and damages that could result from said access and use of services offered by UPcapital, S.L. UPcapital, S.L. will use every way within its possibilities to provide excellent service to the user through its web page. The user will refrain from using any type of destruction, alteration, misuse or damage to the data, programs or electronic documents of UPcapital, S.L., nor will the user introduce or spread through the network programs, viruses, or any physical or digital instrument that can cause or aid in causing any type of alteration in the network, system, or equipment of UPcapital, S.L. or third parties. It is expressly prohibited to carry out any type of activity that violates the generally accepted principles of good conduct among internet users. UPcapital, S.L. does not guarantee the privacy or security of the page, is not responsible for unauthorized third party interventions on said page, nor is it responsible for the appearance of viruses or similar in its system or computer support systems.

  5. Intellectual and industrial property. The content, software, images, sounds, text, and photographs of UPcapital, S.L. reflected in the webpage are protected by the Real Decreto Legislativo 1/1996 of the Ley de Propriedad Intelectual. The content is particularly protected by, according to the Articulo 12 of the Real Decreto, as a collection of data. It is strictly prohibited to reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate or transform said property without the express written permission of UPcapital, S.L. Unauthorized use of this intellectual property by third parties will lead to legally established penal and/or civil repercussions.

  6. Communication. UPcapital S.L. can direct its communication to the user by email or postal service; in the same manner, the user may either use the web page to communicate, may call +34 93 18 61 280 or may email
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